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We have spent many years now, watching as the goalkeepers wear gloves with your name and number. Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon , and Erwin Van der Sar , have been always their custom gloves . And although they were not prepared especially for customized gloves to them if you made them , but for the amateur goalkeeper was almost impossible to get a perfect finish , with the same quality as that of professionals .
Well as that is possible, and even the marks and make the gloves with closure strips adapted to perform customization that most want. You can wear your name, your number, your flag , or the sign you want a perfect finish and aesthetically integrated into the glove. Now thanks to CORNERFOOTBALL , you can customize your glove. And you can do it in two ways , EMBROIDERY OR VINYL .
The embroidery is done professionally with embroidery son 's favorite color , and that was aesthetically integrated into the entire glove. Is embroidered name, number and even your flag or symbol.
Decorating with vinyl is done with this material of the highest quality , printed by industrial plates ensure a perfect finish, stamping integrating the overall decor of the glove.
Like a glove for a goalkeeper is the element that makes it different , the means to an end. Boots for other players with a reflection of the type of player you are. If you're quick , calzarás a type of boot, if you're technical calzarás other , if you play defense or forward arrive one or the other . Tell me and I'll tell you wear boots as you play . So each one considers his boots as weapons for battle , and everyone should feel their weapons as part of oneself. The instrument and inspiration to achieve the objectives . To do this, you better customize the boots with your seal , your sign, your symbol .
And you can do it in two ways , or embroidered with colorful thread , and stamping with vinyl.



Not only can you customize your gloves and boots, the other material you use too. Your shirts , trousers, workouts , bags and accessories with your name and number. All in vinyl and with the same quality as CORNERFOOTBALL offers all customizations .