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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Company Name: Balompie Empresa Distribuidora de Articulos Futbolisticos, SL
C.I.F: B-72035330
Sector activity: Sales & distribution of football items
Registered Office: Av Portugal 38, Local4, 11008, Cadiz (Spain)
Phone: 956 259068 / 600397766 Fax: 956 259068

Entered in the Register of Cadiz June 16, 2006, Volume No. 1807 Book 0 Page 184 Page CA-32936.El maintenance of this website and all its content and domain name are registered and belong to Balompie FASD, SL

Cornerfootball not responsible for the opinions expressed on this website by visitors, in the form of comments, shares in the forum or any other action.