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In 2001 football fools actually led to a project that came from far and WWW.CORNERFOOTBALL.COM born in a physical store on Avenida de Portugal 22 Cadiz and our own internet site , and that to provide an offer of football equipment that the market demanded , and which with existing businesses could not get the level of care , professionalism , quality, price and warranty demanded. In this CORNERFOOTBALL think , to give an answer to our own concerns , because before shoppers were material company and we threw at fault a company that offered what CORNERFOOTBALL have tried from the beginning to offer .
It needed a company that offered a very demanding standard of quality and a level of seriousness and especially adjusted prices that cut through the existing. Therefore, from the outset CORNERFOOTBALL has brought a revolution in selling football equipment online and even in our home , and that has been achieved in large part, to satisfy the customer who wanted something very specialized . CORNERFOOTBALL has managed to very demanding customer personalized attention claiming the product you want , with the highest level of quality and at the lowest possible price .
CORNERFOOTBALL takes to end the personalized service and close to our customers , leading to the end the maxim " treat the customer as you would wish them to ourselves" , which too often has happened to us and our customers with other companies who sacrifice customer in order to sell more . That will never happen in CORNERFOOTBALL .
We have been a pioneer in Spain in internet sales of official material and original exclusive football teams , offering only official material of the top teams and all the brands in the market that provide any material related to football , both in Spain and abroad. Got what no one gets , especially with a speed and efficiency that makes us proud of our work , especially as it is the client who receives the desired product when congratulate us . That is our greatest satisfaction.
And we just try gala customer who does not know anything about football or football equipment as the greatest football expert , because in our opinion is that you need to advise desconócela more and better, offering the product that fits best to their needs and not to sell to sell something that other companies do and unfortunately that hurts most of all, to the end customer buying something that is not suitable for your need. This is equal to a mother who buys a shirt or a pair of boots for your child to purchase a professional high level material for their own use .
In CORNERFOOTBALL before sellers , we are players , we know what we sell , so we offer a full product warranty for each use . We have a great experience, both own and we give our employees professional athletes in the products we offer . We do a selection of the best products of each brand, which we tried and we know the performance and result that will give each customer when you buy it .

Throughout these years of existence has grown CORNERFOOTBALL growing in quantity and quality , has increased the number of items subtly at first, and you try to always have the best prices and shipping services across the globe .
We have also learned a lot. We have learned that every customer is a friend, who has some specific needs and as such needs to be treated properly forever. We have learned to give value to what many do not have , customization to meet the specific needs of the client, not to generalize to customers, give everyone what they requested . And as we said before, the best possible price .
In 2013 CORNERFOOT BALL is modernized , with a new website , with a new corporate image , a website faster , more comfortable , easier to handle , with a higher level still , if possible, safety , with increased quality of how to display all of our products , giving our customers participation in order to improve even more , but above all with the best market prices , and the same personalized and friendly which has made us leaders in the sale of football equipment online at our country. And now you can also get money involved and the fact of working with us, do not hesitate to participate , is very easy, and you get economic benefits almost without doing anything.
We encourage you advance in the world CORNERFOOTBALL , find what you can not imagine that there is , and see how easy it is to get .