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If you have a website or blog, you can have a source of income through Cornerfootball, and almost doing nothing.
- With Cornerfootball Affiliate Program earn a percentage of money from the purchases made by visitors coming from your website or blog, earning income without any effort or no financial investment on your part ..
- May be part of an affiliate of Cornerfootball any web page or blog, whose content is within current legislation, in any legal, be they individuals, freelancers or companies.
- The amount you get will vary depending on the amount of sales that are obtained monthly from your website or blog. A commission for each product actually billed and collected (excluding shipping, returns, fraud, cancellations,
stockouts, etc.) through online stores installed on their platforms.
- The fees that apply are those which result from applying the percentage of 5% on the quantities sold.
This percentage is in effect for the current month, applying the percentages of actual sales in each month.
The collection of the amounts accrued will be at the time you collect 50 euros, excluding the amounts of orders placed 40 days in advance to be ordered that can still be modified or canceled. In any case, if any amends or will cancel orders prior to payment of the commission, this will change also regularizing the situation regarding the amounts paid. In case of charging a commission on an order, and this order was modified, canceled or had any issues involving your return, or even the loss of the good will that the subsequent liquidation commission shall be paid the amount charged for the order finally not successfully completed.
The operation to join the affiliate program is as follows:
Must 1st print two copies of the contract document, fill in fields blank, and send us by mail the documents. Once reviewed and signed by us, will be sent your copy of it.
2nd Once submitted the document, we will send the necessary data so you can display our banners on your website or blog. In turn we will send you a web address along with a username and password for access to the affiliate module which may, after entering the username and password, check the status of your account. If you have a special need regarding different formats or technical requirements, please contact us to solve it.
Failure to set standards or practices that are forbidden to engage in fraud, we will cancel the account, eliminating the accumulated balance, and giving part, where appropriate, to the competent authorities to take appropriate action.
Contract document:
D. ____________________________________________________ Representing onwards AFFILIATE residing at _______________________________________________, CIF / NIF _____________________. Account Number: ______________________________________________________. Web Address where you insert the banner: ______________________________________________________________________________.
Expressly accepts the terms of this agreement and agree to abide by the following



A. The purpose of the following agreement is the cooperation between FASD BALOMPIE S. L. and AFFILIATE, to develop a sales channel for sports equipment online at the websites that this is according to the type of integration that AFFILIATE select and notwithstanding that it can be modified in the future.


A. BALOMPIE E.D.A.F. S. L. within the services it provides to all its customers generally pay the sales channel from developed by the parties, a customer service over the phone and through email.
B. BALOMPIE E.D.A.F. S. L. assumed responsibility recruitment and subsequent delivery to the user of the product purchased.
C. BALOMPIE E.D.A.F. S. L. and AFFILIATE agree to comply strictly with applicable law regarding confidentiality and protection of personal data of users in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 (LOPD) andthe LSSI, exempting THE AFFILIATE BALOMPIE FASD SL, from any liability for the acts that this conduct that violates this policy.


A. BALOMPIE E.D.A.F. S. L. A commission for each product actually billed and collected (excluding shipping, returns, fraud, cancellations, stockouts, etc.) through online stores installed on their platforms.
The fees applicable shall be those listed in the following table:
B. Payment: THE AFFILIATE, through the platform BALOMPIE FASD, SL, AFFILIATE shall make, you can view information about the accumulated balance in purchases from the websites represented by AFFILIATE and precalculus of commissions earned by effective billing of these operations. Next, AFFILIATE, will issue an invoice to BALOMPIE FASD, SL by commissions earned and the invoice is paid within 90 days.
C. It is set as a minimum quantity to apply for settlement the amount of 50 Euros in unpaid commissions. Failure to meet this minimum amounts due will accrue until finally you can make a clearance. Accumulated commissions will only be paid before the 1st of the month prior to the current date.


A. AFFILIATE is authorized to use the name, brand and logos of FASD BALOMPIE S. L. exclusively for the promotion and delivery of the services described herein and as regulated by it. Any use of the names, marks and logos other than those expressly covered by this agreement. Any other use must be approved, prior to use, written expressly BALOMPIE FASD S. L..
B. AFFILIATE may only use the brand and logos of FASD BALOMPIE S. L. collected on his website pledging to keep them updated at all times. AFFILIATE may modify these elements and link the way it considers appropriate to the website of BALOMPIE EDAFSL to promote sales, but BALOMPIE E.D.A.F. S. L. reserves the right to require the cessation of the use of graphic elements or ways of linking certain deemed unsuitable for the brand. Upon such request, AFFILIATE agrees to remove inappropriate links within 48 hours, or shall cancel membership account and the balance accrued AFFILIATE.
C. CORNERFOOTBALL brand will be present on all pages in which their content are provided by BALOMPIE FASD S. L.. For the purposes of the provisions inthe Leyden parala Sociedaddela Information Services (LSSI), the support must clearly indicate to users that the sale and distribution service it is providing BALOMPIE FASD S. L..


A. The agreement is for an indefinite period from the date of acceptance of this agreement.
B. The agreement will terminate at any time for any of the following causes:
a) be declared either party in state court insolvency, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
b) Breach of a party of any provision of the agreement.
c) At the express request of either party for no cause whatsoever.


No fees shall be payable in case of contracts that are subsequently rejected by each website or unlawful use of means of payment. In the event that the relevant commission has been paid, will be deducted from the next invoice with proof of payment or rejection of the transaction by each website for any reason. Nor accrue commissions finally orders not invoiced BALOMPIE FASD S. L. not giving rise to any charge this regardless of the cause giving rise to the failure.


A. Intellectual property rights and industrial all original, trademarks, logos etc. contained in web pages BALOMPIE FASD S. L. belong exclusively to it, forbidden any unauthorized use thereof. Any unauthorized use is a violation of intellectual property rights.
B. The sites represented by AFFILIATE retain all rights to their names, logos, trademarks, and / or any other property protected under the existing rules of intellectual property.
C. Nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of the rights that correspond to each of the parties arising from intellectual property on goods such rules govern.


8.1. This agreement is signed between independent parties and does not involve the creation of any corporation, partnership or joint venture between them.
8.2. This Agreement contains all the agreements between the parties and supersedes and revokes, few if any other covenants or agreements, verbal or written, in force on the date of your subscription. This Agreement may be amended only by written agreement of the parties.
8.3. Neither party shall be liable for delays or failures in performance of its obligations due to force majeure.
8.4 Policy FASD BALOMPIE marketing keyword S. L. has a policy of restricted KWM. Allows the use of keyword marketing techniques, but in this case should be a redirection The rest of the link may be constructed in the usual way.


9.1. Is expressly agreed that the law and the law applicable to this Agreement and the legal relationship that regulates shall be the Kingdom of Spain.
9.2. The purchases made with are subject to Spanish law. In the event of any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of the contract terms, the Courts, in your case, know of the matter, will be those applicable legal rules on jurisdiction in which serves, in the case of consumers, the place of performance of the obligation or the domicile of the purchaser. In the event that the purchaser is resident outside of Spain, both parties hereby expressly waive any other jurisdiction, the Courts of Cadiz (Spain).
And for the record accepted at this event, this Agreement both parties.