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Size ratio:

Size S: Men - 34 / 38.5 EUR (3 - 6.5 US / 2.5 - 6 UK, 22.5-24.8 cms)

Woman - 33.5 / 38.5 EUR (4 - 7.5 US / 2 - 5 UK, 21.5-23.8 cms)

Size M: Men - 39 / 43.5 EUR (7 - 9.5 US / 6-8.5 UK, 25-27 cms)

Woman - 38.5 / 43 EUR (8-10.5 US / 5.5 - 8 UK, 24-26.7 cms)

Size L: Men - 44 / 46.5 EUR (10 - 12.5 US / 9 -11.5 UK, 27.5-29 cms)

Woman - 43.5 / 46 EUR (11-13.5 US / 8.5 -11 UK, 27-28 cms)

Trusox game socks

The TRUSOX Socks have a very innovative design. The young American brand was born in 2010 thanks to the idea of ​​Jim Cherneski to create some very sticky socks. And it is that the revolutionary technology of TRUSOX makes the socks and the boot merge so that the player has the feeling that they are one and the same.

What really makes TRUSOX stand out as a revolutionary idea in the world of football, are the non-slip pads that run the length of the sole of the foot. These pads are intelligently spread both inside and outside the sock to adhere perfectly to both the skin of the footballer and the sole of the boot, causing a feeling of lightness and incredible security.
It allows to improve the support of the athlete and therefore is very effective for changes of directions and accelerations.

In addition, it is also very useful to limit the risk of ligamentous injuries.

Anti-Slip Technology IN / EX: The revolutionary anti-slip pads ensure the foot inside the boot and prevent any uncontrolled movement of the player. TRUSOX technology is enhanced with sweat, so it gets a special treatment for each player. If a player generates a lot of sweat or the field is wet with rain, TRUSOX enhances the grip of the sock on the boot so that it does not slip.

For all these reasons, there are already many great players on the planet who have opted for this new technology (L. Suárez, Giroud, Rakitic, Dempsey, Bale, Robben, Van Persie, V. Valdés, ...).

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